Friday, July 29, 2011


once thier was a boy named sam and he had a car named bummble bee. and he dident know he was a transformer. and one day bummble bee chased him. and at night barracade the police car came. and transeformed and fought and bummble bee won the battle. and the next night all the atobauts came. and tould all thier names the leader is optomes prime. second ironhide. thirde rachet. forth bummble bee and they all came for the allsparke. and they warned them abaut the dicepdicons. but at the end lots of transformers died! but atobots wonthe big baattle! the end.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

goosbumps the dethly store by luke

once there was a store that was huntid i dont like it it is so creepy that is why i dont like it that much once i had to stay there one nihgt it was so creepy but i just neded to find a hiding place then i wuld be safe from the gohsts but one saw me i was so scared of the gohst so i ran away from it but i ran into somthing it was the janitor he was very mad at me so i ran agin then i stopt becose it was open so i ran home to my mom but then it was a dream i was stil in the store then it was finally open the end

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

todays good day

it was a specil day today becose i did art it was so fun becose i did a haert for my mom and dad thay will love it so much thats the end.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Luke's adventures

Yesterday I played with my friend, Jack. i playd legos and i was patrik and jack was just a car a fliing car it was cool becose i never seen afliing be fore but i just belt a ship with patrik in it i like jacks house very much hes my best frind ever the end

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

once upon a time, there was a kid named Luke and Indiana Jones was the dad. And they had fun together doing adventures. They liked to go around the world on adventures. They liked the adventures very much. And they went to Asia and they saw a lot of new things. So they went somewhere else. And they wanted to get a new home. They bought some pictures, a fan, and a lamp and a t.v. and some rooms and some lights, and in the night they bought some beds. In the night they bought comfortable beds. In the night they watched t.v. for a little bit and then they went to sleep. But then they heard a sound outside. But they just saw a woodpecker. Then they went back to sleep. They had so much fun. They got the mail, they read the mail, they watched t.v. in the morning, they played outside in the morning, and suddenly bad guys popped out. They fought them for a long time until the night. Then they watched Ghosthunters and Spongebob. and they went to sleep they heard the wood pecker again then they went back to sleep and in the morning they heard rain so they didint play on that day so thay thay plaed insied they had fun insied the end